Covert 2021

21 22 AUG, 12PM 12PM

Line Up
Mezique, Cici, Niks, Adam Pits, Mixtress, Desert Sound Colony
Allecto, Bad Internet, Huna, Jawside, Mi-el, Paige, Rumu, Sempra, Stem, Trifector

Beetroot, Big Hen, Cathal, Clubbe, Dj Gordon, Lam Singe, Trixalade & More

On the 21 August, we are bringing together a big eclectic crew to ease your lockdown pains. Join us in the beautiful surrounding woodlands of Dorset, located at a former RAF base from 12pm Saturday till 12pm Sunday. Rest be assured, whilst a lot of events/festivals are having difficulties and there’s still a general feeling of uncertainty; stay motivated by our fully insured, covid safe 24-hour festival

Set Times


Please don’t bring ❌Please do bring ✅
Glass - Absolutely no glass is allowedA tent
AnimalsWaterproof clothing
AerosolsProper footwear
Noss CanistersRA ticket
Sharp objects or weaponsCash/Card for food/drink
Fireworks or FlaresGood Vibes
Illegal SubstancesWater Bottle
Alcohol - There will be plenty at the bar

Location / Travel / Parking

Covert 2021
Covert 2021
Covert 2021
Covert 2021
Covert 2021